November 15

Cara Lodge

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Cara Lodge underwent a three day inspection by the HSE in July.  We were inspected in accordance with the National Standards for Residential Childcare Centres.  During the inspection there were interviews conducted with young people, parents, outside agencies and the staff and management of Cara Lodge.  The overall feeling was that it went very well and the initial draft report commented on the level of care the young people and their families receive from the staff in Cara Lodge.  We are happy to announce that in our previous report three years ago we received nine recommendations; however, this time with higher standards to be achieved, we received seven.

Minister Roisin Shorthall visited the young people and parents of Cara Lodge during the month of November.  She had the pleasure of meeting with a group of young people and was humbled by their experiences and their willingness to be open and honest in the sharing of their stories and also at their confidence to put out their needs to her.  She met also with a group of parents who again shared their experiences of MTS and how it had helped their families and also of the things that needed to be put in place to ensure the work is continued.

Olive O’Riordan, Unit Manager, was invited to address the Law Faculty in UCC to talk about the role of drugs and alcohol in the legal problems facing young people.
Cara Lodge participated in the Crossroads Drug Intervention and Prevention programme with Roger Metha whereby the young people had an opportunity to explore their use through music by examining the lyrics of the music they listen to, how it makes them feel, how they relate to the music
The staff team in Cara Lodge underwent two days training in relation to staff support and team building to maintain the strength in the current team.  They are also participating in Assist Training.
Cara Lodge organised a bag pack on the 15th of October in Supervalu in Bandon and with support from parents and staff from the organisation raised over E1200.
The renovation and refurbishment of the dining room in Cara Lodge is now complete and we are very pleased with the result which has created a more spacious, homely atmosphere at mealtimes.
Cara Lodge is saddened by the retirement of our much loved maintenance man Mike Fox.  After eight years of dedicated service to the young people in Cara Lodge, Mike will be greatly missed by the staff and young people of MTS.  Mikes personality, character and overall charm and good nature ensured he was very much entrenched in Cara Lodge.  We wish him all the best in his retirement and hope he finally gets a chance to put his feet up.


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