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CEO Job Description

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CEO of Matt Talbot Services (MTS)

Full time position

Duties of the Post

The CEO of MTS will lead, enable, and manage staff in providing best practice treatment, education and support for adolescents, and their families, who are working to overcome substance misuse and the affects it has.  The CEO, reporting to the Board of Directors, will be required to work with staff and Board in the funding and strategic development and deployment of MTS. They will be required to network, participate and engage with relevant committees in allied services.

Role Description
The role of CEO is to lead and manage the staff team to achieve the objectives/goals of MTS services. The successful candidate will be expected to promote quality, access and diversity, and inclusive practice within MTS. The role will be accountable for, but not necessarily limited to, the following responsibilities.

Leadership and Management of Service
1. Lead the development of a strategic vision for Board approval and deploy same throughout the company;
2. Develop annual budgets for Board Approval;
3. Provide facilities and human resources appropriate to agreed budgets;
4. Build, manage and motivate a senior management team to achieve key performance indicators (KPI’s);
5. Develop a cost management structure towards achieving the vision and goals of MTS;
6. Plan Board meetings to communicate variances of performance to budgets and progress to achieving agreed strategic vision;
7. Engage with outside agencies, companies and allied services in the provision of funding and service enhancement;
8. Mentor, support and advise MTS colleagues and promote career development;
9. Act with creativity and flexibility, and be willing, as necessary, to become involved in the detailed management of MTS;
10. Have full oversight of clinical practice within MTS and appropriate development of same;
11. Be familiar with the role of national and international bodies relevant to addiction treatment services in Ireland.
12. Oversee networking opportunities and foster relevant relationships to the benefit of MTS
13. Support and develop a strategic research portfolio within MTS realising research collaborations where appropriate and dissemination of research to staff and service users.
14. Promote excellence in research-inspired best practice treatment and assessment and encourage the application of innovation within MTS as appropriate;
15. Ensure appropriate supervision is accessible for all staff, volunteers and placement students.
16. Treat all persons within the company with respect and dignity at all times

Selection Criteria
The successful candidate will be expected to have or demonstrate:

1. A University level degree and / or a recognised professional qualification
2. A significant record of managing a multi-disciplinary team;
3. Evidence of excellence in understanding best practice in terms of service provision for adolescents and their families;
4. Evidence of having attracted, and managed, a strong portfolio of funding; 
5. A strategic view of the unique contribution of MTS.

Leadership and management
6. Evidence of leadership within a collegiate setting;
7. Evidence of the ability to provide vision, management and leadership which would promote the development of MTS within a clear strategic framework in Cork, Ireland and beyond;
8. Excellence in communication and interpersonal skills commensurate with leading,  supporting and supervising a multi-disciplinary team of committed colleagues together with the demonstrated ability and willingness to work in a collaborative environment;
9. Proven ability in creative thinking and problem solving.
10. Evidence of commitment to excellence in research-led treatment
11. A willingness to contribute to, lead and innovate in the development of the treatment and support programmes offered by MTS;
12. A sound understanding of relevant policies, procedures, human resources and legal documentation appropriate to effective and sound management of MTS;
13. The ability to inspire staff and volunteers or placement students, and to communicate ideas and concepts in a clear, thorough and timely manner.

14. Proven ability to represent MTS as a professional specialism to service users, their families, funders and to society at large;
15. Evidence of participation in relevant professional associations and bodies as appropriate;
16. Track record of service on professional managerial and administrative committees;
17. Proven senior administrative experience and the capacity to act as the CEO of a multi-disciplinary treatment service.

Other Qualities
18. An understanding of, and empathy with, the concerns of clients and their family members;
19. Evidence of ability to work on own initiative as well as part of a team;
20. A “long view” vision of the contribution of MTS not only to the development of substance abuse treatment programmes within Cork but also as a contribution to treatment programmes in general in Ireland. 


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