October 25

National Community Detox Pilot 2012

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The progression Routes Initiative identified a number of needs in relation to service users who wished to undergo detoxification from certain drugs (i.e benzodiazepines and methadone) in the community. In 2007 with the assistance of an inter-agency group they began developing a community detox protocol. The protocol identifies the minimum standards required for the delivery of a community detox; medical support from doctors and psycho-social supports from a community keyworker. In addition a broker for each region would be nominated to support this work and raise awareness Edel Foley from Matt Talbot Services was nominated as the broker for the Southern Region, as the broker was required to have a background in nursing and in drug and alcohol services. Edel is a Registered General Nurse and also has a Masters in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy. She is currently a senior counsellor in Matt Talbot Services and thus is aware of the needs of service users and community workers. Her work is being supported by the HSE in particular Joe Kirby, the National Rehabilitation Framework Co-ordinator for the Cork/Kerry region. A keyworker, service user or Doctor can make referrals to the broker. The broker acts as sign post for all these individuals so they can successfully link together and work collaboratively, where there are any complications the broker can attempt to support the identification of solutions.
The National Community Detox Pilot is designed to provide support in a structured and safe way for those who wish to complete detoxification within their own communities. For more details contact 0214896400.


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