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Trabeg Lawn News

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2011 was a busy year in Trabeg with the number of new referrals exceeding those of 2010 by October. There have been quite a number of visitors to Trabeg.  Minister Kathleen Lynch came to visit us in October.  The Minister enjoyed a tour of the premises and she stated that she had gotten very positive reports from a number of sources about MTS. Jerry Buttimer TD also visited us and had a lovely welcome to Trabeg Lawn with lunch and a brief introduction to the organisation and was impressed with the work being undertaken All of the Juvenile Liaison officers in Cork were invited to join the Trabeg staff for lunch, they enjoyed the time with the staff while getting to know more about the services we offer. Cork Simon also came for a site visit and it was great to hear about all the hard work they do.  We returned this with a visit of our own to the Simon Community on Anderson Quay. 
The electronic patient system (EPS) has been implemented as part of a national pilot in Trabeg Lawn and currently the counselling staff is using it on an on-going basis to improve service delivery. Our progress with QuADs (Quality Standards in Alcohol and Drugs Services) is very good. 
The staff in Trabeg Lawn has also had training in a range of areas.  Staff attended an Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP) course - facilitated by Marie Delaney.  This course provides an awareness of various approaches to communication and personal development.  Staff also attended the HSE’s Strengthening Family’s, Safe Talk and Assist.
Dr Sharon Lambert (Manager) gave a talk at the Benzodiazepine Conference as part of Drugs Awareness week in Cork.  We are currently working on some new developments.  The Sibling’s Support Group (MYsPaCe) has started in Trabeg Lawn.  It takes place on Wednesday afternoons from 4 until 6 o clock.  It is a support group for young people (boys and girls) between the ages of 13 and 17 who have been affected by siblings’ use of drugs and alcohol. It is currently in the pilot stage and going well.  It is facilitated by Sarah Hardiman and Áine O Sullivan who are both currently working in Trabeg Lawn as interns on the Jobsbridge scheme. Due to demand, we are about to start a pilot peer mentoring service for the fathers within the organisation this will be co-facilitated with the Counselling and Health Studies Unit in University College Cork.
We received a number of generous donations which will enable us to continue with the upgrade of the building in Trabeg, we are so appreciative of this. We have also been able to do work on the premises and grounds with help from the TUS initiative and the Probation Service Community Service Workers.
The mothers and fathers groups continue to run successfully so much so that the mothers group is running twice a week to facilitate the large numbers.


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