December 31

UCC Research programme with Matt Talbot Services continues in 2013

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Kevin Murphy, the UCC PhD pharmacy student has now submitted his PhD and we congratulate him on his research work in Matt Talbot Services and for the information presentations that he provided to both our own staff and our partner external agencies.

As a result of his efforts there have been a number of academic publications and presentations;

 Murphy, K. D., et al., McCarthy, S., Byrne, S., Lambert, S., Sahm, L. (2014). “Benzodiazepine use amongst young attendees of an Irish substance treatment centre.” Journal of Addiction Medicine, In Press.
 Murphy, K. D., Byrne, S., Sahm, L., Lambert, S., McCarthy, S (2014). “Use of addiction treatment services by Irish youth: does place of residence matter?” Rural and Remote Health, In Press.

 Murphy, K., Sahm, L., McCarthy, S., Lambert, S., & Byrne, S. (2013). Substance use in young persons in Ireland, a systematic review. Addictive Behaviors, 38(8), 2392-2401.

 Association for Children and Adolescent Mental Health Research Day 2013
St James’s Hospital, Dublin, 17th May 2013 Poster: Adolescent benzodiazepine use and its health effects Murphy, K., Byrne, S., McCarthy, S., Sahm, L., Lambert, S.

The organisation facilitated placements again this year for 3 MA Applied Psychology students, their contribution to the team was valuable in a number of ways. They inputted data into out computerised data base which facilitated the analysis of trends and they delivered presentations on MTS in secondary schools. This is the third year of a formal collaboration and an unexpected positive outcome is that two of these students have gone on to work for the organisation beyond their placements as very respected team members.


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