Comments from Young People attending Matt Talbot Services 2011

Posted by: Editor | Thursday, May, 12, 2011 | Share / Save this article

‘A decent place. Thanks’

‘Trabeg and Cara Lodge are a lot of help when you need to talk to someone.  They’re a cool bunch!’

‘I am missing Trabeg.  They’re a cool lot.  They’re great.  Can’t wait to see them again and I will call in soon.’

Comments from Parents of Young People attending Matt Talbot Services 2010

‘On a social visit today.  Working with Matt Talbot staff since 2007.  Brilliant people! Our son has returned and seen the light.  Best of luck to all.’

‘I am coming here two weeks with my son and I find that the staff are extremely friendly and helpful.  I am very grateful for all their help.  It’s great that there is help out there for young adolescents. Thanks.’

‘As a Mother there isn’t a day goes by that I don’t think of all Young People, Adults and Staff caught in the cycle of Addiction.  For me, Trabeg was the beginning of breaking the cycle.  It’s an ongoing journey for us.  One we don’t know why we had to go on.  It probably makes us who we really are, eventually.  There is hope! Don’t give up.  Thanks for everything, today and always.’


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