Comments from Young People attending Matt Talbot Services 2012

Posted by: Editor | Wednesday, April, 04, 2012 | Share / Save this article

“Without Matt Talbot I would not be alive today.”

“Good to be back to visit my counsellor who helped me get clean and sober and help me in my recovery.  Very grateful for this service and for the wonderful help and people I met on my journey.”

“Just popped in today with my son to say “Hi”.  We have come along way since our first visit in 2009.  My son is now sober and clean for 1 year.  We take one day at a time.  When we came to Matt Talbot I wanted a quick fix thankfully the staff hung in there with me as well as my son.  Be gentle with yourself and take the help, support and guidance and you will get though this, thanks to all the staff from a grateful mother


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