POETRY (from Young People in Cara Lodge 2011)

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My life was hard, When I used to use,
I took drugs, And lots of booze.

The weed was my friend, We used to get along,
Upstairs in my house, We smoked a bong

I smoked weed, And snorted coke,
I drank a lot, And smoked some dope.

Life was shit, It helped me cope,
But now I know better, I’m full of hope.

Now I’m in treatment, To get me life back
I have a future, To get back on track

I looked at my drug use, And drinking ways,
Its good to look back to the old days

Now I know better not to use,
Its better than sitting at home drinking booze,
Cause Now I realise Im not a fool,
Drink and Drugs are not longer my tool.


I’m really sorry for what Ive done,
I hope you still see me as your son.

I know it was hard to raise me good
And I know you have done everything you could.

Don’t blame yourselves for anything I’ve done.
It was my fault and I know full well.

I wrote this to say sorry from the bottom of my heart
for all my behaviour from the start.

I’d love to know how you were feeling,
While my behaviour was going through the ceiling.

I don’t know where it came from,
I don’t know why,
But I’ll be more happy to say good bye
To all the things I’ve done in the past
And I hope in the future that I’ll have a blast.

My Name Is Jack

“My name is Jack,
I’m fed up with life on my back,
I want to get my life back on track!

I don’t like thinkin’
Because I sink into the past
It’s all too fast.

So, then I drink and smoke lots of weed
To get away from all those memories!

I got into trouble, then I start to ‘rumble’
Life starts to be hell in my head.

I see four walls
And there is nothing that I can do
But sit and stare
I am left to stew
It’s not fair and people stare!

My life is now back on track
I won’t ever get the sack
Today I wonder what it means to me

Now, I’m in recovery….
Life will be kinder,
Just you wait and see….”


“I’m hoping that I will succeed,
Get past this world of drink and weed,
Forget the past that’s all gone,
I’m here right now to change my wrong

The change I wish to make today,
Is 4 my life 2 change in a big way,
To show them all that it’s still me,
Just smothered by a drugged up junkie

Drink was strong but now its not,
I’ve showed my strength by quiting pot,
The weed how strong it used to be,
But now can’t quite get hold of me

I’ll drink because I want to drink
But now I’ll stop and have a think,
Go back the way I was one day,
Or else John James is here to stay

Now things are good and things are great,
I’ve got the best things on my plate,
I’ll say it once, I’ll say it twice,
Without the drugs I have a life!”


“As I lay in my bed,
Feelings and thoughts race around my head
It’s like a never ending mystery
Why do these thoughts always attack me?

I think to myself “how did it start?”
I’m looking for the answer deep down in my heart.
I never thought that you had such power
To change a person in an hour.
You took away my many skills
But then again you gave me thrills.

As much as people might pretend
You aren’t worth it in the end.
Once you might have been my friend
But look at the things you have left me to mend.

I have my counselling to keep me straight,
All that’s left for you is hate.
I have my family session to sort out my aggression,
Being with you gave me nothing but depression.

After 15 weeks I’m plenty strong
I’m ready for you, So bring it on.
Mr Relapse, I have just the plan
So come and fight me like a man.
I’ll be waiting for you
With two strong fists and 30 high risks”



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